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Ballyclare Comrades Prepares for a Final Game on Grass at Dixon Park

by | Jan 5, 2024

Ballyclare Comrades FC is set to close a significant chapter in their history with the final game on the grass pitch at Dixon Park, before moving to a modern 3G playing surface. This will take place during tomorrow afternoon’s Clearer Water Irish Cup 5th-round tie against Strabane Athletic.

In an announcement via social media, Ballyclare Comrades FC signalled the end of an era with the last game to be played on the grass pitch at Dixon Park. “Tomorrow’s Clearer Water Irish Cup 5th round tie against Strabane Athletic closes the chapter on a grass pitch at Dixon Park, and will herald a new dawn,” the club stated, acknowledging the profound historical significance of the pitch that has been a cornerstone of the community since 1936.

The statement reflected on the pitch’s storied history, “The Comrades have played on the grass in the heart of the community at Dixon Park over the last 88 years, and the pitch redevelopment signals a first step in the bright future for the club both on and off the pitch.”

From its humble beginnings, Dixon Park has seen considerable development, growing to accommodate thousands of fans and becoming a pivotal part of the match day experience. “From its humble beginnings, we have seen the addition of a clubhouse and stands, allowing fans young and old alike to be part of the match day experience, and accommodate up to 2398 people.”

The club’s forward-looking vision is clear, as they plan to upgrade their playing surface to better serve their teams and the community. “Now is the right time to upgrade our playing surface, which will provide a much-needed resource for all our teams, right through from the academies, to men’s and ladies’ senior teams, and for the local community.”

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